Galerie Neuse

By specialising in exquisite 
European and German Silver
from 15th- until 19th-century
 and Kunstkammer objects. 
Galerie Neuse has acquired
 international renown
 as a partner for museums 
and collectors.




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Galerie Neuse holds a wide range of fine art works from the 15th to the 19th century. The company presents precious silver and Kunstkammer objects, sculptures from the Middle Ages to the Classicist period, old master paintings, eminent works of furniture by German and French ébénistes, and tapestries manufactured by the most important European workshops of the 15th – the 18th century. 

Our specialization in leading examples of European decorative arts is exceptionally well demonstrated by the gallery’s extraordinary collection of precious goldsmith works from the most renowned workshops of the 15th – the 19th century.

The company is a traditional art dealing firm, selecting and presenting the most representative pieces of artwork of each period. The Bremen based Galerie upholds a reputation as a reliable partner for international museums and collectors alike.